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Enabling Embedded Business Continuity

The keynote has been conducted and shared at Strategic Risk Management 11th Annual Conference in Amsterdam by Mustafa KILIÇ

Keeping momentum of risk management and rebuilding it to effectively enhance its
maturity and deliver improved business performance.

•    Successfully identifying and mitigating risks to improve business decisions and seizing enterprise opportunities.
•    Delving into the golden rules and guidelines of KRIs, risk appetite, risk reviews and risk management process.
•    Proactively monitoring organisation’s risk profile using a single view company-wide IT tools.
•    How to handle business continuity in supply chain management after a disaster strike
•    Enable resilience and quick reaction to a catastrophe
•    Effective preparation for the unforeseen
•    RM and business continuity management 
•    Learning about obstacles to overcome.

Mustafa KILIÇ

Click here to download the copy of the keynote