An Ultimate Purpose for the Life

What would you say if I asked what is the paramount issue that our civilization face ?

Many would agree that we are facing issues of income injustice, the education system, the justice system, and environmental instability. I, however, have discovered that there is a greater problem that is at the root of all the others – a singular factor that, if tended to, could create a domino effect and solve all of the other issues that our civilization faces.

Every day, we wake up and we search for things that make us feel complete. We draw motivation from some source in our lives to go out there every day and live life in pursuit of this goal. When we are finished each day, we return home, decompress, and prepare for another day of searching.

The one factor that makes the biggest different in our pursuit for wholeness is integrity. Integrity helps us to align our personal morals and values with our actions so what we may live a life that is genuine and true.

The disconnect that exists in society today is largely derives from the lack of integrity or wholeness. Many people aren’t living their lives in a way that serves a higher purpose; for themselves nor the world at large. These people have not yet realized the thing that they are missing the factor of integrity, and they have not yet realized who to adopt it into their lifestyle in order to become more whole.

The good news, however, is that I do notice people who have integrity that is so strong and pure that it inspires me to look in the mirror and reevaluate my own integrity. I see the people who are searching for meaning and doing good in the process – people who are truly making the world a more beautiful place.

When I think of those who have strong integrity, I think of those who have searched for and found their ultimate purpose. People like Michelangelo who painted the Sistine Chapel, Marx and Das Capital, Plato and the Republic, Dante and Divine Comedy… Without their constant pursuit of life’s meaning and wholeness, how could we ever have been blessed with their talents and beauty?

With these iconic figures, we can come to the conclusion that society has been searching for meaning and wholeness for thousands of years.

In today’s age, the search is a little harder because we are fighting doubts in a climate of insecurity that comes naturally with the unpredictability of the world. This causes us to lose focus on our pursuit.

When each of us are able to keep our focus on integrity at a personal level, the world will begin to follow suit. When we free our minds of doubt and live our personal truths, we are able to be truly authentic and a little more transcendent every day.

That is the kind of civilization that I would like to see. For this reason, we need to help each other tap into our inner excellence by aligning our personal morals and values to our actions.

If we could only come together as a society and work towards this greater future, there is no telling what we could accomplish. But together, we can create an environment that promotes growth, longevity, and transcendence so we might finally reach our highest potential and create our own Sistine Chapel – whatever that may look like for you.

Are you ready to tap into your limitless potential?


Mustafa KILIÇ

Istanbul, October 5th 2020