Relentless advocate of holistic solutions for sustainable growth and infrastructure-embedded efficiencies. Seasoned business executive, trailblazer chief financial officer and a lifetime entrepreneur with 30 years of international experience.

An expert with a trademark for business continuity, capital efficiency, game-changing turnarounds and risk management know-how with accredited and globally recognized experience in multinational business environments.

He is a Founder and Managing Director of Pirimo, a revolutionary reputation management company based in the UK, he provide leadership to the company for all aspects of the board’s work as being responsible for the management, development and effective performance of the executive management teams. He also sits on the board of several privately held company and associations.

His personality and character have been shaped by certain values, ethical principles, curiosity, determination, critical thinking and vision into future that he carries with his throughout life.

He has reached certain milestones securing a healthy and sustainable balance that epitomizes his vision. As a person he embraces integrity as the linchpin of his viewpoint while he emplaces authenticity, continuity, and transcendency as the cornerstones of his life perspective.

As a devoted leader, he reaps fulfillment by helping people, teams and organizations to overcome their barriers for creating values, transcendent solutions and longevity.

Driven by a powerful sense of consistency and resilience, he generally thrives on major crisis transitions. In turning confusion and disorder into unity, he is at his best. Resourceful and creative, he finds new ways of developing best practices for sustainable development. He is devoted to people's long-term productivity and he is proud to have mentored professionals in their careers and to have directed them to senior leadership positions.

Furthermore, he is an efficient communicator with excellent technical precision and expertise in strategic planning, identifying trends in all areas of business operations, and using benchmarked best practices to address financial challenges sufficiently.

As a prominent exponent of capital efficiency and a prolific lecturer, he has delivered numerous keynotes and publications at at national and international conferences. He contributed to Bloomberg, CNBC, The Economist, Reuters and The Times several times.

He was presented with several awards, including "100 Most Influential People in Finance" and "Adam Smith Award for Global Liquidity."

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Istanbul University, and his academic expertise covers the areas of business management, finance and risk management functions.

He speaks English and Turkish bilingually and Italian at a working proficiency level.

Outside of work, he enjoys digital photography, golfing, off-road traveling, skiing, and sailing.

He resides with his wife Esra and his son Alp Erin in London.