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Hybrid Approach to Unlocking Liquidity in Challenging Markets

The keynote has been conducted and shared at EuroFinance International Cash & Treasury Management 19th Annual Conference in Geneva by Mustafa KILIÇ on October 6-8th 2010 in Geneva by Mustafa KILIÇ.

Can there be a ‘one size fits all’ approach to unlocking liquidity in difficult markets and countries?

You may have found a perfect solution for Brazil or India, but can you replicate that country-by-country or within a region?

Despite technological advances and larger banking footprints in certain places, companies still struggle with getting regional solutions, never mind a worldwide one that helps you to bring the cash home.

Prior to the crisis it may have been less urgent but now that management are looking for frequent reports of where the cash is, what it’s being used for, and most importantly how to unlock any pockets of liquidity.

Can your company meet the challenge?

Mustafa KILIÇ

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