As a relentless advocate of holistic solutions for sustainable growth and infrastructure-embedded efficiencies; I am a seasoned business executive, a trailblazer chief financial officer and a lifetime entrepreneur with 30 years of international experience.

I am an expert with a trademark for business continuity, capital efficiency, game-changing turnarounds and risk management know-how with accredited and globally recognized experience in multinational business environments.

As a Founder and Managing Director of Pirimo, a revolutionary public relations, communications, and reputation management company based in the UK, I provide leadership to the company for all aspects of the board’s work as being responsible for the management, development and effective performance of the executive management teams.

My personality and character have been shaped by certain values, ethical principles, curiosity, determination, critical thinking and vision into future that I carry with me throughout life.

I build my value proposition around the in-depth perspective of the most esteemed competencies where my experience, insight and skills offer impactful contribution and change.

I have reached certain milestones securing a healthy and sustainable balance that epitomizes my vision. I reap personal and professional fulfillment by helping people, teams and organizations to overcome their barriers for creating values, transcendent solutions and longevity.