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Redefining The Value Proposition of Finance

The keynote has been conducted and shared at Future of Finance and CFO Summit on February 12th 2019 in London by Mustafa KILIÇ.

The role of finance has changed drastically in the last decade, and even in the past few years. Today’s finance needs to be able to adapt to changing circumstances and to provide insight to the rest of the business, quickly and coherently.

•    Understand how you can adapt your operations to improve business value.
•    Address the skills-gap within your teams, as they step out of the back office and into strategic partnership positions.
•    Create the building blocks for success.
•    Methods to innovate new values for the finance.
•    Proactively, not reactively, respond to changing business needs.

Mustafa KILIÇ

Click here to download the copy of the keynote